Summary of the 2nd IAOA Summer School on Ontological Analysis

This week I’m attending the Second Interdisciplinary Summer School on Ontological Analysis, taking place in Vitória, ES. As usual, in order to force myself to pay attention, I wrote quick summaries of the presentations that were given during the week.

The summer school program consists of four courses (spanning through the whole week) and three talks. To avoid cluttering a single blog post, I’ll write a different post for each course or talk, using this post as an index. Also, I’ll post the summaries along the week, whenever I have the time, so this and the other posts can potentially be updated in the following days.

Here are the courses/talks organized alphabetically by the speakers’ first names:

Slides from the talks are available at the summer school’s website.

Feel free to contribute to any of the summaries with your comments!

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