Summary of my visit to CIn/UFPE

On September 11th, I participated in a PhD thesis committee at the Faculty of Computer Science (Centro de Informática) of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). During my visit to the Faculty, prof. Carla Silva and Jaelson Castro were very kind to organize seminars presented by their students in order to foster collaborative work between… Continue Reading

Live ICSE 2012 blogging: Generating Obstacle Conditions for Requirements Completeness

Previous live blog post: Graph-Based Analysis and Prediction for Software Evolution In the morning session of the last day of the conference, Sebastian Uchitel (Imperial College London, UK) presented a paper called Generating Obstacle Conditions for Requirements Completeness, co-authored with Dalal Alrajeh, Jeff Kramer, Axel van Lamsweerde and Alessandra Russo. The motivation for this work… Continue Reading

Summary of ACM SAC 2012 RE Track

In the week of March 26-30, the 27th ACM Symposium of Applied Computing took place at Riva del Garda, province of Trento. On Tuesday, March 27th, I participated in the Requirements Engineering (RE) track of the symposium, presenting a paper that we wrote in collaboration with colleagues of the University of Alicante, Spain. Continuing a… Continue Reading