Summary of the 23rd Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web

On October 18th and 19th I participated in the 23rd Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and Web Systems (WebMedia 2017) in Gramado, RS, Brazil. As usual, in order to force myself to pay attention and to share the knowledge with others, I wrote quick summaries of the presentations that were given during the event.

Summary of my visit to CIn/UFPE

On September 11th, I participated in a PhD thesis committee at the Faculty of Computer Science (Centro de Informática) of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). During my visit to the Faculty, prof. Carla Silva and Jaelson Castro were very kind to organize seminars presented by their students in order to foster collaborative work between… Continue Reading

2nd IAOA Summer School – Kit Fine – Formal Ontology

Kit Fine started his course on “Formal Ontology” on Monday afternoon. He said his focus would be on essence: essence as modality, essence as indexed modality and essence as constitutive modality.