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I finished my PhD research in September 2001 at Leeds University, England with a thesis on Solving Single-Track Scheduling Problem Using Constraint Programming. In this problem, several practical and complex constraints are also incorporated in the proposed model. Therefore, the use of constraint programming has a key role in the work: making the dealing with the constraints much easier.

My project was supervised by Dr Barbara M Smith at University of Leeds, UK.

During the time I was doing my PhD's research I joined the APES group, an acronym for Algorithms, Problems and Empirical Studies. The APES is a distributed research group with members at various different Universities including: Huddersfield, Leeds, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Strathclyde, York, Waterloo, Alberta and Cork.

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Postgraduation Programme on Computer Science
Computer Science Department
Av Fernando Ferrari, s/n
Goiabeiras - Vitória, ES
29060-900 - Brazil
Phone: +55 27 3335 2126