André R. S. Amaral

Title: Ph.D.  (Lancaster, UK, 1999)


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Graduate School of Computer Science (PPGI)

Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES)

Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514, 29075-910 - Vitória - ES, Brazil

E-mail address: amaral at

The research of Professor André Amaral involves:
  • Mathematical Modeling, which aims to describe a real-world problem by means of a mathematical model containing input parameters, decision variables, equality or inequality constraints and an objective function (mathematical expression of a goal as a function of the decision variables);
  • Mathematical Optimization, which is to find an optimal solution (i.e. best possible solution) to a mathematical model of the problem.
He has applied mathematical modeling and optimization to problems arising in diverse areas such as Production, Manufacturing and Logistics.
Often, in
these application areas one has to solve a Combinatorial Optimization Problem (one whose set of feasible solutions can be considered to be discrete). When this is the case, he has sometimes resorted to Polyhedral combinatorics (study of the facets of a polytope, whose vertices correspond to the solutions of  a combinatorial optimization problem.).
The real-world problems considered in his research are generally intractable, which means that the computational effort required to solve them increases exponentially with their size.
Professor Amaral has been working on the development of novel methods to effectively compute proven optimal solutions for medium-sized instances of ever larger sizes.
For large-scale sized problems, he has been developing heuristic methods that can find good solutions in reasonable time.
It is observed that Prof. Amaral's research is at the interface of Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science,
Operations Research and Production Engineering.

Current PhD Students

1. Karyne Alves Zampirolli

2. Alba Assis Campos

3. Alexandre Romanelli


Activities at the Graduate School of Computer Science (PPGI/UFES)